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Leather Jacket Review


Cruise Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket has a braided design on the front seams and has highly durable zippers that will take repeated use over the course of the life of this jacket. In addition to the braided design and durable zippers, we've included 2 zippered pockets on the outside so you can carry your valuables while not having to worry about them falling out while riding, simple zip them up and you're good to go.

I use this jacket as a daily basic and i love it!
It fits incredible, is confortable and it is perfect for almost all kinds of weather.


Braid design

I simply love the design of the jacket, it's so feminine and comfortable. The sleeves are a little loose, which makes it perfect to add protection pads to it (does not come with the bag to put them).


Tons of Pockets

It has 2 front pockets with zippers, 1 bag in the inside with a zipper and a vertical bag to put your phone on. So no need for a backpack, wel... only if you carry big items.
It also has some small tubes where you can put your headphones, so they stay in the right place while riding!! In one of the pockets you´ll find a clip where you can attach your key so it doesnt get lost!.


Perfect Fit

I´m really surprise of how good it fits to any body. Im wearing a size S jacket, and i have to say that this is the first jacket that fits me perfectly. It's as if I had sent it to do to my measure.

- The only thing that i would add to this jacket are the pad protectors, is the only thing missing in such an amazing product. I use it only in the city but i´d love to use it more on the open road and long trips.